About Us

Buck chasers operates on some of the best deer hunting land in Pike County, Illinois. The Property has had a very strict management plan for over 15 years. During this time, no bucks under the age of 4 or scoring under 140 inches have been permitted to be harvested. This management has enabled us to have numerous mature bucks roaming all over these 8,000 continuous acre ranch. Numerous does have been harvested each year in order to keep our buck to doe ratio at a great balance. We have a variety of luscious food plots ranging from sugar beets, sweet peas, rape, turnips, rye, wheat, clover, alfalfa, corn and soybeans. Our lodge is a beautiful log cabin overlooking a 3 acre fully stocked pond. The Lodge consists of 3 stories with multiple full baths on each floor, washers and dryers on each floor, queen beds, single beds, bunk beds, two different TV rooms with larger screen TV’s full sized garage with walk out cooler, wrap around covered deck, open balcony on the backside, scent free room, 3D archery course set up around the pond, fire pit for bonfires, deer processing shed, and multiple deep freezers for your deer.



Buck Chasers was started to bring back the fun to deer hunting. We want our hunters to become more like family instead of clients. Hunting has become so commercialized over the past years that most outfitters are more worried about bagging another dollar bill instead of that giant whitetail. everyone involved with Buck Chasers truly has a passion for whitetail deer and the outdoors. We all get more satisfaction if our hunters harvest a great buck than if we harvest one ourselves. Countless hours are spent glassing fields, and checking trail cameras just to learn our deer herds size and patterns. We truly do have numerous monster bucks all over our property but the truth of the matter is, it’s still hunting. We do not have any high fences to hold deer in. No hunter is guaranteed to harvest a monster buck. What we can promise is that every hunter will have one of the best hunts of their lifetime whether they are fortunate enough to tag out or not. One of our main goals is to have every hunter looking forward to coming back before their hunt is ever over.

Buck Chasers is still maintaining the strict management plan that has been enforced for many years. We give every single hunter a special course during orientation on how to score a bucks age and antler size. We have enough stand sights and locations to accommodate every type of hunter. This includes men, women, children, and handicapped hunters. We look forward to see you this season!